DFAR hardware 

What is DFAR hardware?

DFAR stands for Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations Supplement, a supplement to the FAR that provides the DoD specific acquisition regulations. The office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition Technology and Logistics maintains the Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy.

What kind of hardware does the DFARs cover?

Hardware should be confirmed on a case by case basis.  However, a general rule of thumb for hardware is all Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, and Grade 8 or higher fasteners.  If you have any questions about a specific fastener contact your Cornerstone Rep. They have years of experience complying with the DFAR regulations and can be your guide to safely procure these products.

Why is the procurement of DFAR hardware a challenge?

Because of the limited number of countries that are on the DoDs list of approved suppliers of these materials.  Most COTS hardware come from countries that are not on the DoDs list, such as China, and Taiwan.  Because of this, hardware that meets DFAR requirements is in short supply and often have a long lead time.  This is especially true with Metric hardware.  Often customers looking for Metric hardware that meet DFAR requirements are paying 3-4 times the price of standard hardware and with at least twice the lead time.

How can Cornerstone help?

We are the source to supply DFARs compliant hardware with the shortest lead times and most competitive pricing. We also in specialize and Metric DFAR hardware.  Put our years of experience supply DFARs compliant hardware to work for you.

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